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About W.E. Ribbon

The Workplace Equality (W.E.) Awareness Ribbon Campaign was created by founding partners Pat Williams a retired Stationary Operating Engineer in the U.S.A and Jamie McMillan a Journeyman Ironworker/ Boilermaker in Canada. As women in underrepresented, male dominated occupations the duo are well aware of the stereotypes and struggles to fit in and be treated as equals. The Campaign was in an effort to raise awareness and address the need for inclusive working cultures globally.

The red and white polka dot W.E. Ribbon is an awareness piece that supports the conversation about the importance of a diverse and equal workplace, free from all types of harassment, bullying and discrimination regardless of differences.

The W.E. Ribbon design was inspired by the “We Can Do It” cultural icon Rosie the Riveter. The poster portrays a female worker wearing blue overalls and a bright red and white polka- dot bandana. The iconic image was created to support the need for diversity and inclusion in the workplace when women replaced the male workers who joined the military in factories and shipyards during World War II .

Our Mission

To establish W.E. Ribbon as a world-recognized symbol for EQUALITY, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION.

Our Goal

To build relationships with individuals, organizations, industry and government in unified support and promotion of the W.E. Ribbon values.


Step 1: Become a Partner

Choose your partnership level.


$25 annual partnership


$100 annual partnership


Small Business up to 250 Employees

$500 annual partnership

Medium Business 250 - 500 Employees

$2,500 annual partnership

Large Business 500+ Employees

$5,000 annual partnership

Not for Profit

Small up to 25 employees

$250 annual partnership

Large 25 - 50 employees

$1,250 annual partnership

Large 50+ employees

$2,500 annual partnership

Step 2: Take the Pledge

Once you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for use (click "Take the Pledge" below), your application will be processed and you will receive the PDF copy of the W.E. Ribbon pledge and digital Ribbon files to adopt as a workplace awareness piece.

Step 3: Optional Campaign Fundraising

Your workplace can further support the W.E. Ribbon campaign by distributing campaign information, holding campaign fundraisers and sales of branded clothing and merchandise supporting the W.E. Ribbon brand.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

Employers are expected to promote the W.E. Ribbon Campaign by participating in the W.E. Wednesday media campaign providing 2 supporting articles per calendar year about how your organization supports Workplace Equality and how it is being implemented into your workplace. These Stories will be shared on social media and the campaign portion of the website.

Step 5: Partnership Directory

Your company logo will be featured on our partnership directory page.

Pledge your support


Workplace Equality Awareness Ribbon Campaign Set to Launch in September

The Workplace Equality (W.E.) Awareness Ribbon campaign is officially being launched next month and everyone around the globe is invited to join the conversation.

Make a one time donation to support W.E. Ribbon

W.E. Ribbon is not a charity or not for profit and does not issue tax receipts.


801-81 Charlton Ave East

Hamilton, Ontario L8N1Y7


+1 (519) 771-1858


801-81 Charlton Ave East

Hamilton, Ontario L8N1Y7


+1 (519) 771-1858

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